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Coffee What a Passion!

A Passion Indeed!

It’s what millions of people have every day, as their short daily ritual. Some like it “ristretto”, others strong, mild, or sweet, but above all it must be a top quality coffee.
A precious remedy against physical and mental stress.
An irreplaceable partner during work and relaxing moments.

AVASTA – NEW YOURK CAFÉE, special 100% of Arabica Blend is available in a major supermarket and at any AVEST Café outlet in different form and package size, now you can enjoy your special cup of coffee anywhere you like..



AVESTA is proudly to use one of the oldest and best quality of a real Italian coffee “NEW YOURK CAFÉ” a family owned roaster that produce a particularly mild coffee blend that has the strength of real Italian espresso. When at any time of the day thousands of people all over the world drink our coffee. Not only in Tuscany, but also in Japan, France, Canada, South Africa, and Germany, and today AVESTA’s customer enjoying NEW YOURK CAFÉ everywhere in Iraq and middle east.

So, whenever you enjoy a cup of coffee at AVEST prepared with care and love, close your eyes and think about the 80 years of history behind it.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

At every single one of our locations our goal is to meet and exceed our